About Us

Why is Spartina for your community?

Spartina Association Management was founded on providing customer service and board support. It is critical for owners to feel they are heard by resolving their concerns. Boards also need to have the knowledge and receive the time from their management company to be there for them when decisions are being made on behalf of the association. Spartina can offer is increased clarity for your community. We can ensure that your rules and regulations are expressed and communicated in a way that makes sense to all members of your community. Along the same lines, Spartina can help you uphold standards of consistency—ensuring that all rules are enforced across the board, without favoritism. Spartina can also assist with vendor management, making certain that issues or disputes with vendors do not escalate, and that the community receives good workmanship for a good price. Indeed, as a local HOA management company we will surely have some strong, positive relations with local vendors, which can benefit your HOA. Spartina wants to ensure that all community members are happy with their service, and as such, it will seek to facilitate open communication, safety, cleanliness, and other high standards for its residents. Spartina can make available to the Board of Directors valuable legal support, which is something many communities otherwise lack. This service involves having a local HOA attorney provide "office hours" once a month as scheduled In advance. More details upon request. And of course, there are innumerable other services in which Spartina brings experts to the communities we manage —accounting, long-term financial planning, property management and upkeep, and beyond.

We’d love to tell you our story and answer any questions about life in our community.