Spartina Association Management

Commitment and Experience

The Spartina Association Management team prides itself on building long-term relationships with our clients and providing best-in-class service for our communities—from budgets to operations, maintenance, and resident engagement—we provide an exceptional experience for you, and most importantly, your residents.

What is an Association Management Company?

As a non-profit organization with volunteer governance, your association needs a knowledgeable and trustworthy management company to assist in your daily operations.

Spartina is who you can depend on to insure their concerns and needs are satisfied.

Association Management Companies are usually contracted to provide services such as:

  • Major and Minor repairs. This service is usually coordinated by your manager and ranges from  leaky pipes to broken locks. Major repairs must be made in a timely manner  to protect the safety of residents, maintain functionality of the common  areas and protect property values.
  • Landscaping. This covers managing landscape contractors in maintaining the existing landscaping and perhaps seasonal improvements, such as annual flower  planting. Generally, community management services include requesting proposals for landscape projects, identifying and seeking services for drainage/erosion solutions, along with so much more.
  • HOA financials and dues collection. Community  management companies typically handle collecting monthly HOA dues,  collecting unpaid dues and providing monthly reporting to your HOA board.
  • Common area maintenance (pools, parking  lots, etc.). The community management company should maintain common  areas by establishing a regular cleaning schedule and making repairs to existing infrastructure.
You are Volunteers!! Get your Time Back!
As an association Board, leave the day-to-day management to us and have more time for the things you want to do for your community.

Use your management company to maintain the items described within so you can enjoy the neighborhood you have worked hard to represent.